name: mariah snapchat:mmmariaaah

hobbies/interests: writing, reading, singing, girls, boys, food, fixing myself, talking to strangers, running in rain, playing truth, watching doctor who, watching more doctor who, watching a lot of netflix basically. i blog everything that makes me laugh, or cringe, or smile, or turns me on, or turns me off, and everything else that's cool to me. enjoy!



*this pizza serves 4-6 people*

bitch, the only person eating this pizza is me




As a 4 year old, this was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. I think I talked about it for days.

This is still funny to me.

Grover bits were always the best.

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one time i forced my mom to play pokemon for at least half an hour and all she did was catch a butterfree and name it lowfat

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